Onboarding Programs

Two-Week Onboarding Program

The Two-Week Onboarding Program is the standard Program. The Onboarding Programs prepare students for the rigors of college. Students learn time management skills, test-taking, reading comprehension strategies, how to study effectively, and other skills and tools needed to succeed in college. Students have homework, take exams, and get graded based on their effort. They are required to work in teams, which is often a requirement for many college courses. Also, they learn how to deal with different levels of expertise, diverse cultures and customs, team slackers, and how to share the workload.

Group of five african college students spending time together on campus at university yard. Black afro friends studying. Education theme.

Five-Day Onboarding Program-onboarding

The Five-Day Program is an accelerated version of the Two-Week Program and is limited to a group of no more than six students. Students are exposed to all of the strategies and concepts in the two-week program, but have less time to practice the skills learned, and limited exposure or experience to the discipline and rigors required by college.