Programs To Help Students

Two-Week Program

The Two-Week Onboarding Program is the standard Program. The Onboarding Programs prepare students for the rigors of college. Students learn time management skills, test-taking, reading comprehension strategies, how to study effectively, and other skills and tools needed to succeed in college. Students have homework, take exams, and get graded based on their effort. They are required to work in teams, which is often a requirement for many college courses. Also, they learn how to deal with different levels of expertise, diverse cultures and customs, team slackers, and how to share the workload.

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Five-Day Program

The Five-Day Program is an accelerated version of the Two-Week Program and is limited to a group of no more than six students. Students are exposed to all of the strategies and concepts in the two-week program, but have less time to practice the skills learned, and limited exposure or experience to the discipline and rigors required by college.

Three-Day Program

The three-Day Program includes an introduction to the ACE Concepts and the four ACE pillars. The group size for the Three-Day Program is limited to no more than six students. Students learn all of the concepts, are given homework assignments and are required to do presentations but have less time to actually practice the skills learned or the necessary discipline and rigor required of a student once in college.

Science Tutoring

To better prepare for college-level science courses, students or for students who have not taken any science courses, the introductory tutoring session helps reduce anxiety. During the tutoring sessions, students are introduced to terms and definitions, which enable them to start college-level classes with a level of confidence that they can be successful. ACE offers tutoring services in Biology, Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. These sessions are available during both the summer and winter breaks.

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The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice teaches students how to examine their decision-making process by understanding what motivates them. They explore the differences between Inactive, Reactive and Proactive decision-making processes, and how they pertain to their decision making process. Utilizing a process to help them choose wisely, and understanding the consequences of their choices, students also learn how to identify obstacles that get in the way and how to develop strategies to address them.

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Parent Orientation

Parents are introduced to the ACE concepts and methodology as well as the partnership between ACE and the students academic success. It also provides parents an opportunity to share and discuss their concerns while learning strategies on how to provide direction, guidance, and academic support. Topics include top ten challenges new college students face; guidelines for providing support; how to keep the lines of communication open and how to be social media savvy.