From Pandemic Beginnings to Senior Reflections My Journey Through B.U.

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From Pandemic Beginnings to Senior Reflections My Journey Through B.U.

Pre-Medical Student, Boston University

As I sit down to pen this reflection on my college journey, I realize that the reality of my

transformation over these past four years at Boston University (BU) is both profound and

multifaceted. Entering college at the onset of a global pandemic, navigating through the unique dynamics of a living-learning community, and finally emerging into a semblance of traditional college life, my experience has been anything but typical.

The Initial Challenge: Adapting to College Amidst COVID-19

My college career began under the shadow of COVID-19, a reality that dramatically shaped my early academic and social experiences. Initially, my transition from high school to university was marked by a rude awakening to the realities of academic rigor outside the padded grades of advanced high school classes. Despite my efforts, my first semester GPA fell short of my expectations, particularly stinging as a pre-med student.

This period was academically challenging and socially isolating, with the pandemic severely

limiting opportunities for connection and community building. Yet, within this constraint, the Kilachand Honors College (KHC) provided a semblance of normalcy and connection, defying the broader context of isolation at BU.

A Turning Point: Internship and Academic Reevaluation

A critical juncture in my academic journey came with an internship at Massachusetts General Brigham during the summer before my junior year. The demanding environment of the research lab pushed me to my limits, offering a rigorous yet invaluable lesson in resilience and professional development. This experience was transformative, teaching me the importance of perseverance, critical thinking, and constructive criticism.

Expanding Horizons: Social and Personal Growth

Beyond academics, my time at BU has been a period of significant social and personal growth. Living within the KHC introduced me to a close-knit community that became my second family. However, the pandemic’s limitations on social interactions outside this circle prompted introspection and reevaluation of my interests and activities. Embracing new hobbies and commitments, from Muay Thai to volunteering, I began to carve out a more balanced and fulfilling college life. These activities enriched my personal life and helped me develop a clearer sense of self and purpose.

Senior Year: Reflection and Gratitude

As my senior year unfolds, I reflect on the journey that has brought me here. The challenges, from academic hurdles to the search for personal identity, have been numerous. Yet, it is precisely these obstacles that have contributed most significantly to my growth. Looking back, I realize how much I have evolved academically and in my capacity for resilience, empathy, and self-discovery. My experience at BU, especially within the Kilachand Honors College, has been a crucible of growth, pushing me beyond my limits and teaching me the value of community, perseverance, and self-reflection.

Special Thanks

Before entering College, I was a part of the Revere Cares program at Revere High School, and both Debora Guimaraes and Shannon Larson were pillars that I am thrilled to have met. Without them, I would not have made it as far as I have today, nor even put my foot in the door first. I’ve been bolstered by a robust support network, including my ACE (Accelerated College Experiences) Coach, Lorita Williams. She has been a pillar, offering guidance on my decisions and encouraging me to stand up for myself. Initially, I had yet to anticipate the practical utility of the Four ACE pillars (self-direct, self-manage, self-correct, and self-advocate). Yet, they have proven instrumental, guiding me to my current standing in ways I had not foreseen. The ACE community opened my eyes and kept me grounded by showing me I was not alone in my journey. 

Conclusion: Beyond Words

Attempting to encapsulate my college experience in a single reflection is daunting. Yet, this challenge is a testament to the richness of these past four years, marked by profound growth, lasting friendships, and invaluable lessons. As I prepare to close this chapter of my life, I am grateful for every person, challenge, and opportunity that has shaped my journey at Boston University. This experience has prepared me for the next steps in my life, equipped with knowledge, resilience, and a deep appreciation for the journey of learning and personal growth.

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