2024 Summer Newsletter

Summer Edition Meet the 2024 ACE Graduates Your support has ...
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Leveraging your College Experience outside of Academics

Now that I am entering my final year of education ...
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From Pandemic Beginnings to Senior Reflections My Journey Through B.U.

Pre-Medical Student, Boston University - As I sit down to ...
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Building on Your Strengths: The Value of Utilizing CliftonStrengths

5…4….3…2…1…Happy New Year! Hopefully, you’ve spent some time reflecting on ...
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My 1st Year As An ACE Coach

When Saying Yes Leads You Down a Path You Could ...
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Rebounding from a Setback to a Comeback

Ms. Alper was her name—the middle school science teacher who ...
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ACE’s Response to the Supreme Court Ruling

On June 30, 2023, in a 6-3 decision, the Supreme ...
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Summer Edition

Meet the 2023 ACE Graduates Your support has contributed to ...
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Utilizing the ACE Pillars

During my first year at Simmons University, I found myself ...
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The Challenges of Balancing School and Work

Balancing work and school life is possible, but at the ...
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It’s Okay Not to Know

I graduated from high school in 2020, during the pandemic's ...
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Up Close with Artemis One

The Artemis program, named after the twin sister of Apollo, ...
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Autumn Newsletter

The ACE Team Would Like To Express Our Gratitude For ...
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Trust the Process by Jewel Douglas

Trust the Process

Holy Cross 2018, Political Science and Education N.U. Law School, ...
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Raymind Cruz

Welcome New Coaches to the ACE Community!

By Raymind Cruz, Certified ACE Coach and Technology Specialist First ...
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Clarence Joseph

My College Journey and Lessons Learned

In primary training, student pilots are taught 5 hazardous attitudes. ...
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Pictures of multiple doctors

Summer Edition: A Focus on Healthcare

Coaches Corner The Importance of Health Careers and STEM By ...
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ACE 10th Anniversary Picture

Celebrating ACE’s 10th Anniversary

ACE’s Ten-Year Celebration On March 26, 2022, ACE (Accelerated College ...
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Debunking Study Abroad Myths

Debunking Study Abroad Myths: Studying Abroad can be Cheaper than ...
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Picture of ACE student

Reflections from ACE Alumni

Samantha Espinosa, Holy Cross '2023 ​
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Rhonda Woods Image

Are You Ready to Enter the Workforce?

Graduating from college can be an exciting and scary experience. ...
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Female Pilot in Cockpit

Winter Newsletter

Ace Spotlight Cynthia Hydes, Florida Institute of Technology ’24. As ...
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Takyra Taylor Photo

Setting Boundaries at Work

Takyra Taylor: Senior, Accounting Major, Suffolk University Setting Boundaries at ...
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Relax Refresh Recharge

Take a Break

As the semester and year rapidly come to an end, ...
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Three Soldier picture

Overcoming the Resistance to Fail by

Overcoming Resistance to Failure How does an ACE Coach keep ...
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Wooden blocks spelled as IMPACT

The Impact of the Four ACE Pillars

Lorita Williams has worked diligently to build a program that ...
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Photo of a woman wearing glasses

ACE Graduate’s Advice To Incoming Students

by Tiana Jurisic, UMass Lowell ‘21, Masters of Public Health ...
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Two silhouettes with texts GROWTH MINDSET and FIXED MINDSET

Demonstrating Grit and Resilience in a Global Pandemic

Throughout a year of extraordinary change, we marvel at our ...
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New Year, Fresh Start


Relax, Renew and Recommit Yay! The first semester of the ...
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Man walking past colorful wall

Courage in Plain Sight

Recently one of the students I coach said, “I finally ...
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Be Part of the Change

The Fight for Equity and Social Justice

How the Four Pillars Prepare ACE Students in the Fight ...
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Self-advocacy is referred to as the ability to articulate one’s needs ...
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[feedback and resources]

To “self-correct” is to correct itself when things begin to ...
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A vector image of aiming for success

[Action Oriented]

In its broadest meaning, self-directed learning describes a process in ...
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A road with the phrase “Time for Change”

A Word From our Founder: The Changing Landscape of Higher Education

Acting as both a senior administrator for a small private ...
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[decision-making OR responsibility and accountability]

Examples of self-management include self-monitoring, self-evaluation, and self-reinforcement. When a ...
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Four Pillars

Introduction of the Four ACE Pillars

The ACE Coaching Methodology is founded on the four ACE ...
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Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset

Integrating the Growth Mindset into the ACE Coaching Methodology

Some years ago, I attended a three-day program with the ...
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A student holding books

A Holistic Approach to Guiding First Generation College Students Toward Academic and Social Success

After teaching the First Year Experience at Roxbury Community College ...
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