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Take a Break

As the semester and year rapidly come to an end, we are all looking forward to taking a break Intuitively we know we need it, 2021 was an intense year for all of us. The extended pandemic has forced us to re-invent how we manage every aspect of our lives. We’ve changed it all from haircuts and manicures, to remote study and work, to how we connect with those we love. Two years ago, who would have imagined that facemasks would be added to our list of essentials along with our keys and cellphones before we leave our homes. The volume and constancy of change are exhausting whether we love or loath them. So, for the sake of your physical and mental health, just do it. The Four ACE Pillars are not just tools for academic success but can help you here too. Using skills within the Self-Manage Pillar, prioritize time to relax and re-energize. Hold yourself accountable by scheduling the time in your calendar with other important things. You can also identify people who share the same goals for self-care and with whom you could enjoy mutual support. Then just do it. Focus on following-through under the Self-Direct Pillar. Free yourself from external stimuli that could keep you from taking care of yourself. If you miss a planned relaxation activity, don’t give up. Instead, under the Self-Correct Pillar, identify what got you off track and plan how you will eliminate it in the future. You may be pulled in many different directions during the holidays, which could be even more exhausting. Using skills within the Self-Advocate Pillar, clearly and compassionately communicate what you need so that this winter break is genuinely a restorative one.
The bottom line is to take a break. Do what you enjoy with the people who support you so that you emerge from winter break re-energized, resilient, and ready to learn and create a wonderful life in the tumultuous times we are living in. Check out one or more of the links below to learn more about the importance of taking a break and ways to do it.


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