Debunking Study Abroad Myths

Debunking Study Abroad Myths: Studying Abroad can be Cheaper than a Class on Campus and How to Pick a Program Tiana Jurisic, UMass Lowell ‘2021 (MPH), BSU ‘2019 BA & BS. Erasmus Grant Recipient ‘2019 Manchester England It is 90 degrees outside, your toes are buried deep in the sand, and you are drinking a…

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ACE Graduate’s Advice To Incoming Students

Photo of a woman wearing glasses

by Tiana Jurisic, UMass Lowell ‘21, Masters of Public Health – Social & Behavioral SciencesBridgewater State University ‘19, BS Criminal Justice & BA Political Science- International Relations; Anthropology Minor I was dual-enrolled at community college in high school, taking at least six credits, two Advanced Placement courses, and playing a varsity sport. So staying focused…

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