[feedback and resources]

To “self-correct” is to correct itself when things begin to go wrong, without outside help. (English Dictionary)

As an ACE Pillar, Self-Correct is adjusting to or correcting mistakes to develop oneself, based on an analysis of one’s results and effort. Utilizing feedback from others to correct one’s mistakes. Feedback: The transmission of evaluative or corrective information about an action, event, or process.

As you can see, with ACE, there is a distinct difference in the application of self-correct. Utilizing feedback from others, past exams, observations, etc., is invaluable. Skills and achievement come through commitment and effort. Students need honest and constructive feedback. By evaluating what didn’t work or what problem they got wrong, and why, they learn to think through the issues and correct their mistakes. Fostering curiosity to examine why they got it wrong, and the desire to correct it gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Applying the four ACE pillars are not just for achieving academic excellence, students gain the sticktoitiveness, grit, and persistence needed to overcome challenges – academically, personally and professionally. The ACE Coach also continues to learn along with the student. Students need to know that the ACE Coach is also a work in progress. They, too are applying the four-pillars in their own lives and learning to develop the growth mindset.