From the Founder and CEO
Manifesting a vision


From the Founder and CEO
Manifesting a vision

Accelerated College Experiences (ACE) is thrilled to celebrate over ten years of student accomplishments with you. In 2012, ACE had a vision to create a pathway to college success for historically marginalized students. This vision has evolved into six signature programs that support students in high schools and colleges across the country.

ACE graduates are entering the workforce every year as nurses, engineers, social workers, and computer specialists. ACE alumni are sharing lessons, advice, and counsel to the next generation of incoming first-year students, growing excitement and possibilities for young people who might consider college too intimidating.

We have a lot to share and a lot to be grateful for in this report. Thank you for joining us in changing lives and giving college success to tomorrow’s civic leaders.

Lorita B. Williams

You make success
stories possible

Ashley was worried about the transition from high school to college until a generous donor gave her a scholarship to participate in the ACE Onboarding program. Everything she learned helped her through the challenges typical of that first year at university – the high scholastic expectations, meeting new people, adjusting to schedules.

Because of ACE, Ashley earned her BS in Interdisciplinary Health Services in 2017. She worked as a Clinical Informatics Specialist for four years before entering Xavier University’s accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in 2021.

She credits ACE for the skills to succeed through the challenges of pandemicrestricted remote learning in her post- graduate studies.

Ashley will complete her BSN in August 2023. Thanks to the community of support provided by ACE she will continue to brighten the lives of people who rely on her skill and compassion.

Looking Forward: You are building the future!

What an exciting time to be part of ACE. In the next decade, the ACE methodology will be shared with other educators, ensuring that first-generation, economically disadvantaged, and students of color bring new, confident voices to the college experience and meet with their peers on equal footing.

ACE is expanding to reach more students. Your support helps high-school students prepare for college with access to ACE programs beginning in ninth grade. You help young people engage in designing a curriculum that meets their own educational needs.

Thank you for making a difference to committed individuals who graduate from college with new skills and hope. By helping students deliver on their remarkable capabilities, you improve the quality of life for all of us. Thank you for building a new legacy with us.

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